2023 Season

We at Benny baseball would like to welcome anyone who would like to join our league as long as you are 19 years of age or over.

This co-ed softball league has been around in Scarborough, for over 35 years. Our season starts in May, every Tuesday night through to mid August. After that, league playoffs are played for a couple weeks. We also have tournaments throughout the season. Teams will generally play one game at 6:30 at our fields located in the area of Bellamy between Ellesmere & Lawrence of Scarborough. Our softball league is 4 pitch, slow pitch, so all teams therefore have a rover position as we pitch to our own team. Most teams try to have at least 4 girls and 8 guys, with 3 girls on the field and we have umps. Our league fees are ONLY $90. We’re a recreational fun league, so we like to have fun and enjoy the game. All experience levels and ages above 19 are welcome!

If you would like to join our league, please register here for the 2023 season. New teams are welcome!

We also look forward to seeing everyone back from the previous seasons as well!

2023 Recruitment Incentive

We are excited that we will offer our recruitment incentive again in 2023 which is: Every registered and paid league member can receive a five dollar refund for every new member they bring into our league. Up to the total amount of the league fee. Discounts will be applied once the new league member has registered and paid in full. We are starting early to recruit so you can enroll your friends, family to come out and join the fun!

Team Sponsors

B52’s team sponsor: JAGERBOMBS team sponsor:
BREW JAYS team sponsor: TEQUILAS team sponsor:
RENEGADES II team sponsor: BOOTLEGGERS team sponsor:
RUMRUNNERS team sponsors: HOLYGRAIL team sponsor: