2017 Season


Pos   Team Pld W T L Pts
1 Jagerbombs 15 14 0 1 Array
2 Tallboys 15 11 0 4 Array
3 Bootleggers 15 7 0 8 Array
4 Rumrunners 15 7 0 8 Array
5 Schlägers 15 5 0 10 Array
6 B52s 15 1 0 14 Array

2017 STATS


Stats posted are up to and including June 20, 2017 only.
Final stats of the season will not be posted until AFTER the 2017 Banquet.

*stats below are based on current information at time of posting. May be subject to change upon review.

SexTeam NameNameAt BatsSinglesDoublesTriplesHomerunsRBIAverage
MaleB52'sRainer Dimmers239700100.696
MaleB52'sMark Johnson2614213100.769
MaleB52'sPaul Buda201111030.65
MaleB52'sChris Norman261510020.615
MaleB52'sGlenn Norman32943070.5
FemaleB52'sKayla Oatway3111600100.548
MaleB52'sShawn Oatway318834220.742
MaleB52'sRyan Tsao181030170.778
MaleB52'sJonathon Hirseland261551060.808
FemaleB52'sChristine Dimmers7100020.143
MaleB52'sGeoffrey Hosein201221060.75
FemaleB52'sTANYA SEGRIFF18610020.389
FemaleB52'sTheresa Moore12520030.583
MaleBootleggersAndrew Crawford22930130.591
MaleBootleggersDave Roberts262361110.462
MaleBootleggersGord Smardenkas21231540.524
MaleBootleggersKesava Rajapalan285416110.571
MaleBootleggersLouie Sfirkas15433240.8
MaleBootleggersJeff Tsuruda24370060.417
MaleBootleggersSergio Falcone23492150.696
FemaleBootleggersMartina Leonard261010060.423
FemaleBootleggersDornett Ellis241120030.542
FemaleBootleggersJoann Dielissen14700050.5
FemaleBootleggersJessica Collins221220010.636
MaleJagerbombsJamie Evenden2924415340.862
FemaleJagerbombsDiane Rowbotham351631080.571
MaleJagerbombsBryan Legault333857230.697
FemaleJagerbombsCharlotte Wellar261221030.577
MaleJagerbombsJesse Greig3357710340.879
MaleJagerbombsTanner Lewis3147212300.806
FemaleJagerbombsHayley MacMillan27531090.333
MaleJagerbombsDanny Cook341392090.706
MaleJagerbombsBrent Morrison298744120.793
FemaleJagerbombsJoanna Sirett331360180.606
MaleJagerbombsJeff Pearson3257310310.781
MaleJagerbombsJay Corscadden317646200.742
MaleRumrunnersLen Marini288821100.679
FemaleRumrunnersMike Marini331581080.727
MaleRumrunnersDalton Villeneuve-Marini274634120.63
MaleRumrunnersAravinth (AJ) Ponnambalam23251690.609
MaleRumrunnersJason Wu231340040.739
MaleRumrunnersSteven Straker225434100.727
MaleRumrunnersNathaniel Sieunarine307645160.733
FemaleRumrunnersShauna Davies331711020.576
FemaleRumrunnersNicole Payne301320050.5
MaleRumrunnersJeremiah Vijeyaratnam9141020.667
FemaleRumrunnersNicole Stewart19400030.211
FemaleSchlagersAnnie Forte301720080.633
FemaleSchlagersMiranda Mahabir321560060.656
MaleSchlagersPaul Spilchen3241027110.719
MaleSchlagersCarmen Forte251110050.48
MaleSchlagersBilly Moussias24920180.5
MaleSchlagersGordie Forgues224524150.682
MaleSchlagersLouis Moussias4100000.25
MaleSchlagersKyle Forgues291116250.69
MaleSchlagersScott Forgues259325110.76
MaleSchlagersRob Willard275745160.778
FemaleSchlagersShannon Barker241220070.583
FemaleSchlagersJenine Mahabir201220050.7
MaleTallboysSteven Rogers191050150.842
MaleTallboysGary Earle27782040.63
MaleTallboysCam Macey25462030.48
MaleTallboysRyan Brown1912210200.789
MaleTallboysKevin Bernas201103180.75
FemaleTallboysVanessa Rodrigues231010010.478
FemaleTallboysWendy Macey171000060.588
FemaleTallboysStephanie Prince261040060.538
FemaleTallboysKaitlin Brock8200000.25
MaleTallboysRodney Reid-Price21724050.619
MaleTallboysRicardo Wright4200010.5
MaleTallboysRyan Harris27673680.815

Any corrections to team rosters, please have your team captain email the statistician.

The Following are the final team standings for the 2017 regular season:
1 – Jagerbombs
2 – Tallboys
3 – Bootleggers
4 – Rumrunners
5 – Schlagers
6 – B52s

Playoff scheduled for Tuesday August 22, 2017 – 6pm
D1- (5)Schlagers @ (4)Rumrunners
D2 – (6)B52 @ (3)Bootlegers

Playoff scheduled for Tuesday August 29, 2017 – 6pm
D1- (4)Rumrunners @ (1)Jagerbombs
D2 – (3)Bootlegers @ (2)Tallboys

Playoff scheduled for Tuesday September 5, 2017 – 6pm
D1- (5)Schlagers @ (3)Bootlegers
D2 – (6)B52’s @ (1)Jagerbombs

Playoff scheduled for Saturday September 9, 2017
Diamond 1 for both games
Consolation Finals: 12:00pm – (3)Bootlegers @ (1)Jagerbombs
Finals: 2:00pm – (4) Rumrunners @ (2)Tallboys
Just for fun game ‘Wobbly Bowl’ to follow


To download a PDF of the 2017 Schedule click the link below

Benny Baseball Tournament: Saturday, July 29th
This day is for all Benny players to come out mix and mingle with the players from other teams. We create teams by throwing in the gloves of everybody that shows up, depending on how many show up we use both diamonds. To make it more exciting we either play a few rounds or recreate teams by throwing in the gloves again, the choice is up to the players. We usually sell hotdogs, pop and water to keep everyone refreshed and full of energy for the next round. Come on out, its fun for all!

Benny Baseball Playoff Finals: Saturday, September 9th
For the playoff finals we start at 12 pm with the consolation final. The Consolation final is where the 2 ‘best of the worst’ teams show down to determine which team is the better of the bottom. The winners get an award at the banquet.

Then at 2 pm it comes down the the ‘best of our best’ and the top 2 teams, battle it out for first and second place in our playoffs for the 2017 season. So even if your not playing you don’t want to miss the action, so come out, cheer on a team and have some fun.

At 4pm or just after the last playoff game we have our annual Wobbly Bowl, just throw in your gloves to create the teams. Everyone fields and plays on your team at once. Bring your drinks (Pop, Water, Sports Drink etc.) onto the field because they are part of the play. You have to catch and throw the ball without putting your drink down at all! When your up at bat the pitcher tries to knock down your drink with a high arch thrown ball, you better hit the ball or else you may have to finish your drink if it gets knocked over! Don’t forget to bring your drink with you as you take off for 1st base, because if you don’t you’ll have to go back to get it and it will cost you to drink as well. As you round the bases you must take a sip as you arrive at and leave each base, if you don’t the penalty may be to back track and do the ‘sip base sip’ again as you leave the bases. Just as your getting use to the game and things are going your way, be prepared because the rules may change all of a sudden just to throw you off, but of course all in the name of fun!

Benny Baseball Banquet: Saturday, October 14th
The Benny Baseball Banquet is held this year at Royal Canadian Legion #73(upstairs) located at Danforth & Danforth, 2 Robinson Ave. This event is with a pay bar and is DJ’ed. The event starts the night with a catered buffet dinner by Mr Greek, a few speeches are made during the dinner and then awards are given out from this season. After the awards, throw off your heels and heat up the dance floor as the DJ spins some old and new tunes and requests as well. During the dance we draw for the door and raffle prizes. And don’t forget to buy your tickets for the raffle, Texas Mickey and 50/50. Elections are held at the Banquet and this year is an election year so make your vote count.