Frequently Asked Questions

It’s raining right now are we playing tonight?
We watch the weather closely every Tuesday. However, as we all know, the weather forecast isn’t always accurate!
So, if it is raining heavily, the fields are seen to be unsafe or if there is the possibility of thunderstorms and we need to cancel, we will contact the captains as soon as possible and let them know. It is then their responsibility to notify their own team of the cancellation. The games may be moved to another day and your team captain will be notified of that rain-out date.
We will also post on Facebook if the games are cancelled and rain-out game dates as soon as they are determined
If it is only light rain and deemed safe to play, the games will go on as scheduled.
PLEASE REMEMBER: If you do not receive a notification telling you the games are being cancelled or possibly rescheduled, the games ARE still being played as scheduled! Games are not guaranteed to be rescheduled.

But the sun came out and it’s fine now?
True, but at the time that the call was made, either the forecast or the fields were deemed unsafe. It is necessary to inform the umpires at least one hour prior to the game time so that they can be reached before they travel to the fields. This will ensure that you are notified of a minimum of one hour before the game starts, in case the game is called off. Once a game is called then it is too late to put games back on.

Do we get new shirts this year?
In order to keep our league fees as low as possible, we kindly request our players to reuse their shirts from previous seasons. This helps us save enough money to cover the costs of maintaining the fields, paying for insurance, hiring umpires, and purchasing equipment, while still ensuring that everyone has fun.

What’s our league money used for?
League fees are utilized to cover various expenses such as fields, insurance, umpires, and shirts. The fees are also used to purchase equipment including new balls for each game, emergency kits, and ice packs. Maintenance of equipment such as new bats, redoing bat grips, new bases, base pegs, equipment bags, pylons, and other necessary items are also covered by the fees.

Where are the rules, I never got a copy?
To be green we have the rules posted on our website, https://www.bennybaseball.com/rules/ when you signed up to register to be in our league you clicked “I have read the and agree to the rules of the Benny Baseball League” which has a link to the rules and you must click in agreement to be able to join our league. Every year you must re-register and most every year the rules have had some additions or amendments to them.

Have the rules changed, they’ve always been like that in the past?
Of course they change, as we go through the seasons, situations come up that bring to light that, certain rules may not work as well as may have been anticipated or may have been misunderstood the way it was phrased. We recognize that these rules may have to change. Rules may change to make the league more accessible or friendlier to players new or existing. No rules ever get changed without talking to all the captains and a vote, this normally is done at captains meetings, it is the captains responsibility to make their team aware of what has been discussed, minutes are always kept and can be asked to be looked at, if in question. It is the captains responsibility to make sure they or a team representative is in attendance for meetings.

Do the captains or executives get to change the rules in the middle of a game?
As league executives and captains, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard and not break or manipulate rules.

What do I do if I have a question or grievance?
If any player faces an issue during the game, they should inform their team captain, who can then bring it to the attention of the umpire at the appropriate time. If you have a grievance with your team captain, you can email the league president. Additionally, feel free to email the league president if you have any other questions or concerns.

How much does anyone make?
League fees are waived for executive positions as a gratitude for volunteering. Captains are not executives.

Can I send an EMT or INTERAC e-Transfer, if so where do I send it?
Yes, you can send payment via EMT or INTERAC e-Transfer to info@bennybaseball.com please do not send it anywhere else such as your captains email, only if you send it directly to this email address can we verify that we have received it.

If you have any other questions that you would like us to answer, feel free to email us and we will try to answer them the best we can.