To download a PDF of the BBL Diamond/Field Measurments click the link below
BBL Diamond/Field Measurments

Benny Baseball League Official Rules


  1. The games are to start at 6:00pm sharp. A 15min grace period will be allowed at the official start time of game while waiting for the arrival of needed players. After the 15min grace period the game must begin or a forfeit can be deemed by the umpire(s). Games will be from 6:00pm and play continues to 7th inning or as long as daylight allows, it is the umpire’s decision to call the game.
  2. Teams must have 6 players , to start the game.
  3. Both teams are responsible for the set-up and packing-up of the equipment on the diamond. For players not Knowledgeable on the procedure for proper set-up, the umpire can provide directions and clarification on measurements or refer to the above document on our website. (Our bases are 52 feet from each other)
  4. Each inning will consist of 10 batters or 3 out, whichever comes first, with the exception of the last inning, which will be unlimited batters or 3 outs. If the 3rd out is not made on the bases due to a force out, etc, the inning ending play must be made at home plate. Any throws out of play are considered a live ball on the 10th batter and the play can only cease with a put-out at home plate. As many runs as possible may score until the play ends with the play at home plate made by the player playing the catcher position. Mercy Rule: After 4 complete innings (3 ½ if the home team is ahead), if there is a run differential of 20 or more runs, the game will be called.
  5. The decision of the umpire(s) presiding over the game is FINAL. Only team captains are allowed to approach and/or speak to the umpire. If a player has an issue, it is to be brought to you the captain who can then bring it to the umpire at the appropriate time. For example a stop in play or between innings. Any player ejected from a game automatically has a 1 game suspension for the next game. The League Executive will deal with more serious incidents.
  6. Incident Reports for injury, accident, or ejections must be filled out by the team captain(s) and submitted to the League Executive on the day of the occurrence. Injuries must be reported to S.P.N. within 24 hours in order to be covered by insurance if a claim is to be made.
  7. No games will be postponed for any reason other than poor, unsafe field conditions and/or inclement weather. If games need to be canceled due to weather, team captain’s will be notified as soon as possible. It is then the team captain’s responsibility to contact their players. Team captain’s must provide the executives with up to date contact information.
  8. Four innings must be completed to be called an official game. 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead.
  9. All winning games count as 2 points, a tie as 1 point and 0 for a loss.
  10. The batting order MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE THE GAME STARTS and must consist only of the players that are present. Batting line-ups cannot be changed once handed to the scorekeeper. If someone is in the line-up that is not present and their turn comes up at bat, they are counted out and their name goes to the bottom of the line-up when they arrive. If a Spare is in the line-up and a team member arrives, the spare gets crossed off and the member assumes the same place in the line-up. NO EXCEPTIONS. Late arriving players where no Spare has been used are to be added to the bottom of the line-up on all score sheets before their turn at bat, if possible and at team captains discretion. When filling in your lineup it is suggested that no more than 3 males are batted in a row, including on the ‘rollover’. If necessary you may add another ‘girl’ to your lineup. (See rule 21c for clarification).
  11. All players must be registered online with All players (even subs) must complete the online insurance with SPN in order to play. (Information regarding this is provided to team captain’s before the start of the season)
  12. No steel cleats permitted. Plastic or rubber only.
  13. Players are responsible for their own personal protective equipment.
  14. All players should wear their team jersey while playing, or a similar coloured shirt if jersey is not yet available, during the regular season. All players must wear most current team jersey in order to play in the playoffs.
  15. Profanity Rule: No player or non-player (spectator) may direct or utter profanities at an umpire, another player, or participant. Profanity is the use of swear or curse words and/or severe words of contempt and disrespect. The first occurrence of profanity by either team may result in a warning to BOTH teams. A second occurrence could result in ejections. Serious infractions will result in ejection and/or suspensions.
  16. The City of Toronto prohibits Alcoholic beverages and Smoking in the park by law. This includes the playing field and surrounding park/school grounds. If we are caught in violation of these laws our permit will be revoked. NO ALCOHOL OR SMOKING IN THE PARK. No Exceptions. If the league receives any fines as a result of individuals violating these laws, those individuals will be responsible for paying the fines.
  17. You must clean up after the game. No littering.

  1. Players must have played a minimum of 50% of games during the season in order to qualify for the playoffs. Exception: A paid roster player has missed games due to medical reasons, (injury, illness, etc) or they are replacing a player who has quit.


    1. Each team member is to be aged 19 or older. Minimum age limit includes Subs no exceptions. (Any exceptions other than age must be discussed and agreed between the Captains and declared before the game.)
    2. Every player who comes out for a game must be played on the field and take their place in the batting order. The captains will direct their teams. If a player shows up after the first inning it is up to the captains discretion if they should be allowed to play.
    3. It is suggested the batting line-up should have a maximum of 3 males in a row (this also applied to lineup ‘rollover’); females are to be interspersed as much as possible.
    4. In the course of a game, if a team cannot continue due to loss of players (see rule #2, i.e. work, illness or injury) the game will count in the standings as a 7-0 loss for the runs for/against tie breaker. If both teams in the course of a game cannot continue to field the minimum amount to play, it counts as a double loss in the standings. The game score will be 0-0 loss for both teams, not a 0-0 tie. Teams will be allowed a 5 minute grace period to acquire the minimum number of substitute players needed to complete the game. This excludes a player who is ejected from the game. If a player is removed from the game by umpires or team captains, for any reasons, They CAN NOT be replaced by a sub.


    1. Everybody has their turn at bat.
    2. Only league bats are to be used.
    3. Each team will pitch to their own batters.
    4. The pitcher cannot interfere with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball or interfere with a thrown ball. He is expected to move out of the way of the play. If he does interfere, then the ball is dead, the batter is out, and all base runners must return to the bases they previously occupied before the ball was hit.
    5. The pitcher cannot touch, swipe at, or pretend to field a batted ball. If he does the ball is dead and the batter is out. Exception: If the pitcher is attempting to protect himself from getting hit by a line drive and is hit by the ball, the ball is dead and no-pitch is called. All base runners return to their previously occupied.
    6. There will be a four (4) pitch rule – no strikeouts on 3 pitches.
    7. Batting out of order is an appeal play which may be made by the team captains, reps players or scorekeeper.
      • If the error is discovered while the incorrect batter is at bat, the correct batter may take his place and assume any pitches already thrown to the incorrect batter. No other penalty results.
      • If the error is discovered after the improper batter’s turn, but before the next pitch is thrown, then the improper batter’s turn is nullified and any advanced runners must return to the bases they occupied before the ball was hit. The next person in the line-up after the improper batter (who is out) comes to bat.
      • If the error is not discovered until after the next batter has received a pitch, then the batting line-up continues as is going, no matter how many batters have been missed.
    8. If the catcher interferes with the batter on a pitched ball, the batter is awarded first base, unless they hit a double, triple, or home run
    9. NO BUNTING ALLOWED. If you bunt, you are out.
    10. No switch hitting during an at bat
    11. Foul pop-ups at home plate must clear the top of the screen to be considered playable for a possible out.


    1. The runner is out if off the base and hit by a batted ball before a fielding player in position has had a chance to make a play on the ball (a step and a reach in either direction). The ball is dead and all runners must return to the base they occupied at the time of pitch. They may advance only if forced by the batter. The runner is not out if the ball makes contact with them after it has either passed or deflected by a fielder. (Not a pitcher).
    2. The runner is out if they interfere with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball.
    3. When the pitcher has the ball, the only place a runner may stop is on a base. The runner is out for horsing around or stopping between bases.
    4. NO LEAD-OFFS. The runner may not leave the base until the ball is hit. Lead-offs in anticipation will be called out.
    6. No sliding under any circumstances. Anyone who slides is automatically out. No diving back to the base.
    7. If two runners are on the same base, the original occupant is the owner.
    8. If a runner passes another runner, he is immediately called out.
    9. When returning to a base, the runner must touch all intervening bases when the ball is live.
    10. The base runner is out if they run more than three (3) feet from their base path. The base path is an imaginary line from the runner to the base to which he is advancing.
    11. The base runner that holds his base on a fly ball may advance the moment such fly ball touches the fielder; they must tag the base before they run. This includes foul balls that are in play.
    12. On a force play it is not necessary to tag the runner with the ball.
    13. ONE BASE is awarded on an overthrow that is out of play by an infielder. TWO BASES are awarded on an overthrow that goes out of play from an outfielder from the time of throw.
    14. The defensive team cannot stop advancement of a runner in motion by throwing the ball to the pitcher.
    15. A team may use a maximum of 3 courtesy runners per sex per game (m/m, f/f unless no other m or f is available in the lineup).
    16. One player may declare at the start of the game that they will need a runner once they reach base safely. The last out of that sex will be the runner (m/m, f/f unless no other m or f is available in the lineup). This is the Designated Runner rule.
    17. Outfielders (including rover) cannot make a force out at first base, the batter will be called safe. The batter/runner can be put out at first base on any over-runs toward second base, or on any appeal plays for tag-ups.


    1. The batter is immediately out when they hit an infield fly with base runners on first and second, or on first, second and third with 1 or 0 out, which can be caught with ordinary effort. The ball does not have to be caught for an infield fly out. Runners may advance at their own risk. On infield fly balls that are caught, runners must tag up before advancing.
    2. An infield fly is a fair ball, not including a line drive.
    3. Outfielders, including rover, cannot encroach on the infield until after the ball is hit.


    1. A team lacking the required number of players to play a game may pick paid league person(s) not currently scheduled to play, to spare for the missing player(s). Each substitute paid league player may only be used 4 times per team per year. Non-paying registered subs may only play a maximum of 6 regular season games league wide. After that they will have to pay their league fees to continue to play in the league. The substitute player will be scored on the “sub” shaded area on the score sheet marked with their name and their roster team name from whence they are borrowed.
    2. You may only play enough spares to complete your line-up to a maximum total of 4 subs &/or 3 males and 2 females.
    3. If waiting for late arriving players, a spare may be used. Spares may not stay in the game after regular player(s) have arrived. Refer to rule #10.
    4. Spares are not allowed in the playoffs.
    5. Spares are not eligible for trophies.


    1. No foreign objects (gloves, bat, shoe) may be thrown to stop the motion of the ball – thrown or batted. An automatic home run is awarded to the batter who hit the ball.
    2. A fair ball deflected out of play(past the out of play/backstop lines) is immediately a dead ball and “Time” will be called. Awarding of bases will be done in accordance with Rule 23(l).
    3. Outfielders (rover) cannot throw the ball to the pitcher. If the pitcher calls for the ball from any player, time is automatically called.
    4. Any fly ball hitting the overhead wires, trees, and soccer posts in the air, is deemed a dead ball. The hit ball counts as a pitch except on the 4th pitch. On the ground it is an automatic ground rule double, the ball is dead, and runners are advanced at the time of pitch.
    5. Minimum pitching position is to be no further in than between 1st and 3rd base and in line with home plate and 2nd base.


    1. Once a base runner touches or passes the commitment line, all plays are deemed to be force plays at home. This eliminates the need for sliding and tagging at home plate and any collisions that may occur. Any avoidable collision with the catcher at home plate means an automatic out.
    2. The safe line is drawn from the front of home plate to the back stop parallel to the 1st baseline.
    3. A commitment line is drawn in foul territory 21 feet from the back of home plate.
    4. The base runner is considered to have scored if they touch the ground in foul territory on or beyond the safe line (without touching home plate) before a defensive player has control of the ball and is touching home plate.
    5. Runners who have not crossed the commitment line must tag up on a caught fly ball and may return to 3rd base. Once a runner has crossed the commitment line, they cannot return.
    6. If the runner touches home plate at all, except if the runner is attempting to avoid a collision with the catcher, he is out.


    1. In order to avoid injuries resulting from collisions at first base, a safe bag is used. The orange half of the bag will be on the foul territory side of the line and the white half of the bag on the fair side. (position of first base player is on the white half of the bag, not the orange side) If the 1st base player is on or touching the orange bag at all the runner will be called safe.
    2. Once a runner has reached first base safely, it doesn’t matter which way they turn, as long as there is no attempt towards second base.
    3. Runners must step on the orange side of the bag or will be called out, except when there is clearly no possible play at first base. If this is the case and the runner continues on to second base, the runner may step on the white side of the bag. The decision will be at the discretion of the umpire. If the batter steps on the white half of the bag they lose overrun privileges, regardless of which way they turn.
    4. No sliding to reach first base on a batted ball. You will be called OUT. On an attempt to 2nd base and retreat to 1st , sliding is permitted.


    1. Outfield encroachment line: The cones at 150 feet mark the outfield encroachment line – outfielders (excluding the rover) cannot start play in closer than this line. The rover’s position is no closer than half way from the cones to the infield , but, as deep as they want. This is for any batter. The line “curves” around the outfield – remind the umpire if you see outfielders coming in on batters.
    2. Infield encroachment line: Infielders are not allowed to come closer than the base line before the ball is hit. If an infielder encroaches inside the baseline before the ball is hit it will be deemed no pitch and the batter gets awarded an extra pitch if it happens again the batter has the option to take 1st base.


  1. In order to keep the game moving – all players are expected to HURRY ON AND OFF THE FIELD.


  1. The actions of players are a reflection of themselves, their team, the Benny Baseball League and their community. A player’s involvement in baseball provides opportunities and experiences that are important to the development of a well-rounded individual; however, players must remember that their participation in baseball and functions of the Benny Baseball League is a privilege, not a right, players shall
    Treat everyone with respect:
    Treat team-mates, coaches, opponents, umpires, event organizers and spectators with respect. Respect and accept with dignity the decisions of officials and the Benny Baseball League. Be generous in winning and graceful in losing. Do their best to be a true team player by being supportive of my teammates and by not criticizing or placing blame on others.
    Exercise self-control at all times:
    Remember that there is no place in baseball for drugs or alcohol. You should not be seen drinking alcohol or doing drugs on the field. Refrain from unsportsmanlike gestures, talk, language, or profanity. Refrain from throwing equipment in disgust (bat, helmet, glove, or any object). Refrain from the use of physical force outside of the rules of the game. Follow the guidelines and rules set forth by the Benny Baseball League for players and teams in the BBL.
  2. Captains are accountable for their behaviour and actions. 1st offence will be a 1 game suspension. 2nd offence will be a 2 game suspension, 3rd offence will be a 3 game suspension and you will be removed from your captaincy, 4th offence will no longer be a member of the league.


  1. Please do not try to manipulate and/or bend the wording of the rules to suit your situations. All rules not specifically listed here are then covered by S.P.N. and Baseball Canada Rules. All decisions by the Umpires are final.
  2. Please let your captain know at least 6 hours before the game if possible, if you cannot make the game for any reason.
  3. If your team forfeits a game and the executive are not notified at least an hour before the scheduled game time (so we have enough time to let the umpire know not to show up and the other team), then at the end of the season for the grand total of regular season games, a game win is deducted for each “executive unnotified forfeit” from the teams winnings. That team will have the choice to pay the fine ($60 per game) or take the additional loss/loses. To avoid this, please see the previous rule.
**** PAYMENT****

League Fees should be paid before season starts, if fees are not paid, he/she will not be permitted to play until fees are paid up. ONLY Paypal, Cash or EMT(once email receipt has been proven received), EMTs are to be sent to, no cheques.

Revised June 2024
21f no sliding rule